WATCH: LeBron James Leaving Cleveland – You can’t guess his next destination!



No rush peeps, he is just staying where he is!

LeBron James is on vacation, cigar in his mouth, chatting up the pool-side waitstaff and enjoying some tropical scenery with his family.

At least that’s what he’d like us to think.

He posted the following videos on Instagram from an unknown tropical location, and the whole thing is worth a watch, even just for the slight cringe factor.

Can I just say that I hope the bartender or someone at this place had their phone out, filming a selfie-mode LeBron singing Michael Jackson — by himself.

In reality, LeBron can’t be too comfortable. From afar, he has been forced to watch the Cavaliers front office attempt to wheel and deal without a general manager, while a flock of superstars have switched teams, only making the King’s path back to a finals win more arduous.

The Celtics are better. The Warriors are finding creative ways to get better. The Rockets are a new super team. The Thunder have two superstars. Heck, even Minnesota is an interesting team.

The Cavaliers, well, they signed Jose Calderon.